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Lancaster County, NE Public Records

Lancaster County public records are any documents, regardless of form, that a local government entity is entitled to possess. These records are accessible to the public without reason for viewing, provided there are no contravening legal exemptions. However, vital records like births, marriages, deaths, and divorce have exemptions to access. They may only be viewed by legal representatives, close relations, spouses, and the person on the record. These records may be sourced from the Vital Records office via the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Divorce certificates, though, may also be sourced from the District Court Clerk. The department charges between $16 and $17 for these records, which can be paid via check or money order. Property records are also accessible to the wider public, provided there are no set legal restrictions. These are sourced from the County Register of Deeds.

Courts in Lancaster County

Court Records in Lancaster County, Nebraska

Lancaster County court records are accessible to the public, provided there are no legal restrictions. It has a county, district, and juvenile courts, so interested parties may search the relevant records by going to the courthouse where the case was heard. That is by seeking the clerks of the respective courts. Their offices are open from 8 to 4.30 pm on weekdays. As an alternative, record seekers may use the Justice Search portal on the Judicial Branch platform. The platform charges $15 for every search done. These are mostly confidential as they include juvenile-related cases, ongoing criminal investigations, or child custody. These records can only be viewed by legal representatives, parties to the case, or certain law enforcement personnel.

Court Name:

Jails and Prisons in Lancaster County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Lancaster County, Nebraska

Lancaster County inmate records are accessible to all parties following the local open records statutes. These records are generated and maintained by the County Department of Corrections. It provides an online inmate search tool that can be used to find details concerning inmates at the facility. By entering the person’s name, it is possible to view their physical description, criminal charges, sentencing information, and the detaining facility. Inmates are also allowed to get visitors every week. However, they must adhere to facility regulations like wearing the right clothing, arriving 15 minutes before visitation time, and producing government-issued identification. The Nebraska state patrol provides access to an online database of registered sex offenders in every county. These are listed by name, zip code, and street address. There are 11 jails and prisons in Lancaster County. It is ranked 86th out of 93 in jails per capita.

Jails and Prisons Name:
3216 West Van Dorn St, PO Box 22800
4201 So. 14th Street
3801 West O Street
3218 West Van Dorn Street

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Lancaster County

Arrest Records in Lancaster County, Nebraska

Lancaster County arrest records are available to all record seekers, provided there are no legal restrictions involved. Typically these records are generated and maintained by the Count Sheriff’s office or local police departments. They include information on the person’s physical attributes, witness statements, the arresting officer, and the context behind the incident. Due to the sensitive nature of some arrest records, not all can be accessed by every interested party. Those which entail ongoing criminal investigations, child custody, and abuse are deemed confidential. Eligible requesters searching for background information may also source them from the state patrol. They can use name or fingerprint-based searches to find the desired records. There are eight police departments in Lancaster County, and the crime rate is 14.43 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:

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